A throw past covid

Amidst the covid pandemic, judo activity came to a grinding halt. Sunday 14th August, 2022, marked the first national JudoTT event since the start of the covid pandemic in 2020. On this date, JudoTT held its national grading where it welcomed 7 new judoka to higher ranks. With clubs represented from all corners of the country, the JudoTT grading panel consisting of Mark Litterean (5th Dan), Derek Hinds (4th Dan), Nigel Lopez (3rd Dan) and Wedd Eastman (2nd Dan) conducted the days proceedings. Judoka demonstrated both the Nage-no-kata (forms of throwing) and Katame-no-kata(forms of grappling) as well as various Nage Waza (throwing techniques) and Ne Waza (ground techniques). This was truly an eccentric day of judo, coming just after the return of the JudoTT contingent at the common wealth games in Birmingham England. In an attempt to throw covid setbacks behind us, this national event marks the resumption of JudoTT activity, post covid! Participants of the national grading included Christopher George, Jelanie Boyce and Xavier Jones all of whom were examined and achieved their Ni-Dan rank. Rod Singh, Damien Barton and Keegan Taylor were also examined, achieving their Sho-Dan rank. Finally, rounding up the judoka participating was Giovani Lopez, who was successfully examined attaining the rank of 1st Kyu. This was a landmark event for JudoTT and serves as the precursor for many more upcoming JudoTT events. Kudos to all the successful judoka and congratulations from JudoTT!!